2015 in transit

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A lot could happen in a course of a day, what more in a span of twelve months? Looking at it now, 2015 was one hell of a ride. Compared to the prior year I had, 2015 had more thrills to it. I don’t know if thrill is the right term, but since I have already used an indirect comparison to a roller-coaster ride so might as well. So, what did happen in 2015?

Due to the sentimentality of yours truly, I decided to take a trip down on memory lane and revisit all the notable experiences I had in the past year.



Hurrah, it’s my birth month. But not only that, 2015 was the year I turned eighteen! Yay for legality? Quite so. I had my debut last January 17, five days after my real birthday. It was a memorable night, indeed. It’s not everyday you get to be the star of the night.

My barkada also gave me surprise gifts which were literally cheesy and sweet. Cheesy because they gave me pizza (my favorite!) and sweet simply because they are. Plus, my best friend gave me candies and chocolates. Another gift my best friend gave me were eighteen pictures that resembled polaroids which had pictures of our memories together, pictures of me, and pictures of me and my closest friends. Best DIY gift ever!


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No, it’s not about Valentine’s Day. I’m going to tell you about the class my best friend and I took for our LEAP. For starters, LEAP is an event we have in our school that allows us to have a day off from our academics by taking an alternative leisure or recreational class. My best friend and I wanted to have a class outside of our campus for a change.



We ended up in Sip and Gogh class which we initially had no idea what will be in store for us there. As it turns out, it was a painting session of Van Gogh’s masterpieces. And you guessed it, there were drinks that came with it too. I was frantic at first since I didn’t know how to draw, but it was a fun experience nevertheless. You know, trying out something out of your comfort zone.


Summer vibes… but I’m still stuck in school. #trimestralproblems. Anyway, these months was the era of our block hang-outs after class which usually involved late nights, Timezone and movies. Most of them happened on Thursdays, so we called them our own version of a Happy Thursday. My best friend and I were the only girls every time. So yeah, we also basically spent our time watching them and cheering them when they play billiards during our hang-outs in MOA.


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Okay, this is the longest term break ever. I’m already stating that as a fact, because yet again, #trimestralproblems. Hahahaha! Thanks to the academic calendar shift, our classes would start on the third week of August instead of May. Start of something new, I could tell. Hmm, so how did I spend the four month vacation? I played Clash of Clans with my blockmates on my iPad too. We had clan wars almost everyday for crying out loud! I also spent my time reading books. I read one manga, thanks to my friend. My family and I stayed at Century Park Hotel for a day or two. I also visit or stay at my tita’s condo sometimes. I can’t remember all of them, but what I’m sure of is that most of the time I was at home, glued to my laptop screen.


It was the start of my junior year in college! Wow, how time really flies. One more year till graduation! Hopefully, that is. Anyway, before I school started, my family and I took a trip to Pangasinan. It was our first time there. We wanted to visit the Manaoag Church and then go to a resort. We didn’t stay there overnight, so it was a long yet fun day for us.


THE STRESS IS SO REAL. I didn’t expect that the first term of my junior year would be this crazy! It was like hell week every week. Deadlines were freaking everywhere. It was a deliverable after deliverable kind of thing. There were also many seminars that we had to attend which were after class. My house was the usual venue for overnight sessions for our project. My groupmates were all guys and my parents are strict, so there.



I won’t mention the field trip anymore since I have already blogged about it. But yeah, it was the highlight of my October. Check it out here if you want to read about it. Anyway, the stress still continued throughout October. In addition to the stress, we had a video project for our Philosophy class. We basically spent the month shooting the scenes for our video. It was fun going to different locations just to shoot a particular scene. I wasn’t that preoccupied with the shooting and the writing, I was just helping my friend but it was mostly on him. I got busy when the shooting was over since I was the one to edit the video. It was quite a challenge since it was my first time editing a video that had a story line. Luckily, I didn’t have a hard time while I was editing.


THE STRESS WAS REAL AGAIN. Since finals week were fast approaching, the real hell weeks were ahead. More deadlines. More deliverables. More defenses. However, the catch? They were the only chances left to save my grades! More pressure right there. We had an overnight where we didn’t even sleep. My best friend and I were groupmates for that particular project. She was able to sleep for a few minutes, I really had NO sleep. My other groupmate slept for about 15 minutes after he took a bath when morning came. Well, he was already done with his part anyway. That project was so freaking stressful! It involved virtual machines, and many configurations and installations which we had to study them all by ourselves. Little room for critical errors or else you have to start over… which was exactly what happened. It was such a fulfillment when it was finally over!


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Aside from the Christmas season, the highlight of my December was probably the hang outs and adventures I had with my friends. Well, I already blogged about two of them – the Enchanted Kingdom and the Ayala Triangle. We also went to Luneta-Intramuros-Binondo one time. My barkada had our usual Christmas hang out in Alabang Town Center.


Oh, how time flies. Looking back at those memories, I wish could press rewind and replay them all over again. I just want to revisit them if I could because I’m feeling quite sentimental about them. But no, that is not possible in life. Life’s not like the movies in that sense. The only thing that you can do about the past is to reminisce using whatever memory or souvenir you have, nothing more.

But in life, you have to keep moving forward because it waits for no one. When you get stuck on the past, you screw up your present. And that’s basically it. Well, 2015’s chapter is over. Let’s just focus on 2016 now, so that when the next year comes, looking back on the previous year would be worth it. 🙂 ❤

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